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How to use a Kyoketsu Shoge Ninja Weapon

Posted 17 Jun 2013 in ninja weapons, reference, tutorial
Kyoketsu Shogi

One of the most mysterious and least understood ninja weapons of all time is the kyoketsu shoge.  Made popular by the Mortal Kombat video game and movie series, this hook and rope ninja weapon is both deadly and practical. If you search around online for tutorials about how to use the kyoketsu shoge (often pronounced shogee), you will find a lot of different people using the weapon in different ways.  Some people choose to do long range strikes with the bladed weapon while others believe the knife portion of the weapon should never leave the hand.  After watching different instructors use this weapon in various ways, I’ve come to the conclusion that this weapon could be used in whatever...

Top 5 Ninja Weapons of All Time!

Posted 01 Jun 2013 in history, ninja weapons, reference

If you are a ninja historian, then I know what you are thinking… Is this blog post going to be about the top 5 weapons that traditional ninjas actually used in ancient Japan, or is this article going to discuss the weapons that modern day ninjas have adopted as their own.  Well, because of the popularity of both modern day and traditional ninja weapons, I’ve decided to do a mix of both of them in this top 5 list. So, without further ado, here is our list of Top 5 Ninja Weapons of All Time. #5 – Blowgun What’s better than a weapon that is not only extremely accurate at a distance of 40 feet, but is also silent?...

Other Ninja Weapons

Posted 07 Jun 2011 in ninja weapons, reference

While we don’t always like to admit it, at times, ninjas do have to rely on weapons other than just their ninja stars. Shurikens are typically on limited supply after all, right? Unless you’re a ninja that weighs themselves down with twenty pounds of sharpened throwing stars before a mission, but then you’re just being a terrible ninja. So what other kinds of lethal weaponry does a ninja keep at their disposal? Read on to find out. The Facts Ninjas were/are extremely dangerous fighters that rely more on stealth and distraction rather than head-on charges into battle. A ninja was often barely armored (if at all) remember. Even in the event that a ninja did have no other choice...

Types of Throwing Stars

Posted 07 Jun 2011 in ninja stars, reference

For most people, a throwing star is just a jagged piece of metal that is cut in a ‘star’ shape and hurled with brutal accuracy by shadow warriors of the night. Well, they may have that last part right, but real shuriken aficionados  know there is much more to it than just that. From the number of points, to their size, and even shape, ninja stars come in an almost endless combination of styles. In fact, the only real thing they have in common is the ability to become a deadly projectile in the hand of any ninja worth his salt. Below are some examples of just how varied ninja stars can really be. The following shuriken belong to...