Jean Claude Van Damme Signs On For New Martial Arts Movie

Posted 23 Jun 2011 in entertainment, martial arts movies

The good folks at have found a tid-bit of news concerning everyone’s favorite aging martial artist. In an attempt to keep the likes of Deathrace 2 and Cabin Fever 3 company on the shelves of Blockbusters everywhere, Jean Claude Van Damme (JCVD to his peeps) is set to star in the upcoming ‘Six Bullets’.

You know how every kung fu movie fan knows that Bruce Lee had to have his film slowed down just so that audiences would be able to see what he was doing? ‘Six Bullets’ will be just like that, except in reverse.

The no-doubt complex plot will revolve around a ‘a former mercenary kidnapping expert who is hired by a top martial arts champ to find his missing daughter.’ According to the news post, the movie is set to shoot in August, so eager fans will just have to wait for this gem. At this point, the producers should probably just go ahead and reserve their very own $5 dollar DVD bin at Wal-Marts now.

Posted by Tony